Mission Statement

UC Santa Barbara participates in many collaborative agreements with educational and research institutions throughout the world. These bilateral and multilateral agreements facilitate the exchange of faculty members, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students participating in collaborative research and academic programs of mutual interest between and among partner institutions.  They are diverse in nature, reflect a wide range of multidimensional interests, foster international scholarship, and comply with UC system-wide legal requirements.

GlobalEngagement@UCSB assists campus faculty and staff to develop international agreements and maintains data on international initiatives, partnerships and collaborations. Specifically, GlobalEngagement@UCSB facilitates the processing of collaboration agreements while ensuring that they adhere to guidelines developed by the offices of the Executive Vice Chancellor, Office of Research, Graduate Division, Academic Senate, UC Education Abroad Program, University Extension, and Office of International Students & Scholars. This website provides guidelines that explain the agreement development process, templates that facilitate the drafting of a collaboration agreement, and counsel to answer questions on the process.  Any collaborations involving transfer of funds by one party to another should establish separate agreements in accordance with policies and procedures applicable to the specific transaction, which is outside the scope of GlobalEngagement@UCSB’s responsibility.

Developing International Agreements

UC Santa Barbara welcomes the opportunity to explore possible collaborations with universities and institutions abroad that share our strengths and/or interests. Our experience is that the most successful collaborations are highly desired and supported by at least one faculty member who will serve as an advocate for the partnership. In order to develop an MOU or Collaboration Agreement, an international partnership must have a designated UC Santa Barbara faculty leader who will commit to engage in all aspects of the agreement development process; secure approval for the collaboration from academic and research leadership; and support proposed projects, exchanges, and programs throughout the duration of the agreement.

GlobalEngagement@UCSB is available to coordinate the assessment of UC Santa Barbara’s interest in potential collaborations. To conduct the assessment, please complete the Questionnaire and send via e-mail to contact@globalengagement.ucsb.edu.  Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, the appropriate person on GlobalEngagement@UCSB will provide assistance in the preparation of the agreement and help coordinate the campus approval process.